House with mansard project

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House with mansard project

A small house with mansard project situated on a narrow land designed for a young family.A cheap and comfortable house.

Characteristics :

Height regime: P+M;

Structure: Wood;

Usable area: 95 sqm;

Area terraces, loggias, balconies: 27 sqm;

Built area: 136 sqm;

Footprint: 68 sqm;

Overall dimensions: 6 x 15 m;

Bedrooms : 3;

Bathrooms : 3;

Parking places in garage : 0

Project details :

The land is located in the countryside near Bucharest, in a regular lots on narrow strips with dimensions of 12m frontage and 25m depth.

Wishing a small footprint on the ground and more outer space available on all sides of the field, we integrated spaces required for a single-family housing within 6 meters wide and 15 meters deep. Despite reduced width, both inner and outer spaces offer high comfort both in size and by their rational organization.

It is developed on two levels: ground floor and mansard. The ground floor is hosting the living area; in an open space freely communicate the living room, kitchen and dining place, an area which continues out to the backyard, for a deeper privatecy. On street side we have a room that can be office or bedroom with adjoining terrace, plus bathroom and storage room/dressing room.

Upstairs there are two bedrooms each have served by a bathroom and a dressing room. For recovery of the land occupied by the building footprint, we have developed two large terraces upstairs so obtaining an extra outer space.

In a simple volumetric play and gave the impression of dynamism by goals arrangement, the cutting of roof covering and open terraces.