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          „From an ideea…

case la cheie


         … to a key!”

casa la cheie




Architecture projects: single family homes, apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, schools, kindergartens, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and other architectural programs.

Interior design

design interior

We offer interior design and landscaping services for public spaces (bank, clinic, commercial space, restaurant, cafe / bar / club, hotel, offices) and private spaces (homes, vacation houses).


Firma serioasa de constructii

Construction services ” red ” or ” key ” for homes – villas, restaurants – bars, apartments blocks, industrial buildings.Interior and exterior furnishings, refurbishment, consolidations.

Architecture is the human footprint in nature. It means submission of nature to human and the submission of man to nature, in a collaboration aimed to ensuring favorable conditions from material point of view, but also psychologically.

The architecture of your home is also your mark in society, your image permanently exposed to people.

Especially, your home is the framework in which you spend most of the time, your private space where either has joined a growing family, or either you develop freely your passions and occupation, or simply you retire when fatigue of world exhausts you.

If you care that this would be a healthy and pleasant to find yourself and who represent you in a respectable manner in the community, you should pay great attention and responsibility to designing, construction and outfitting.

Designingconstruction and outfitting  three processes through your future home/construction pass, which we solve in one team, thus avoiding the possible, rather inevitable misunderstandings and discrepancies between several teams divided in different specializations. Thus your project will not suffer, desired idea materialized, the one posed in pictures.

If you are looking for a representative project that fits your needs and a dedicated team, do not hesitate to contact us !

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