Courtyard landscaping

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Courtyard landscaping in București

An landscaping project of a small courtyard from Domenii neighborhood.

Characteristics :

Realese year : 2016;

Locatio: București, Domenii neighborhood;

Services performed : Design, execution;

Suprafaţă curte: 140 mp;

Suprafaţă terase,logii,balcoane: 21 mp;

Suprafaţă construită: 64 mp;

Project details :

At the base of this project stayed the given situation of the two buildings: the annex – hosting a kitchenette, a small dining room served by a bathroom and the house – the owners having in possession two bedrooms, a small bathroom and a cellar.

The proposed solution was through completion of these functions with spaces for socializing and relaxing.The proposed solution was through completion of these functions with a space for socializing and relaxing one. So we created a lightweight wood covered structure that host social space and also to intermediate the two buildings funtions. The main condition of the structure was to be “transparent”. To get this “effect” the wood was treated only with protective lacquer.

As a finishing elements we used travertine, brick, wood, and for pedestrian alley slate, but not to exceed the budget, the beneficiary have chosen the alley to be made of imprinted concrete.Unfortunately quality work “craftsmen from OLX” was disastrous, concrete pigment was delaminated in just a few days …Alley will be clad in slate later when the decorative plants will be planted and lighting pillars will be mounted.

Work performed by our team:

  1. architecture design;
  2. demolition;
  3. insulation facade repairs;
  4. cleaning and painting the eaves;
  5. changes in electrical paths and routes rainwater;
  6. decorative plaster application;
  7. pouring concrete equalization;
  8. manufactured and planing wood structure;
  9. brick and travertine cladding;
  10. treatment, painting and assembling wooden deck.