House in Chiajna interior design project

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House in Chiajna interior design project

An modern interior design emphasizing socialization and good mood.

In developing the interior design has stayed a few fundamental criteria: color preferences of the couple, functional organization of space available, introducing elements / accent areas and last but not least the budget.

We wanted a modern interior design, to represent the lifestyle of the family; an elegant, comfortable and welcoming space.

Being a public space of the house, interior design of the ground floor is concentrated on the idea of socialization between family members and guests.

We paid great attention to the day area of the house. On the ground floor we have introduced a central element (aquarium) linking the living room with kitchen and outdoor terrace through glass surfaces. Transparency of glass transmitting a sense of freedom and visibility.

Areas exclusively intended for wife cooking passion, the kitchen and outdoor terrace were designed to be functional and host a variety of home appliances and accessories necessary for cooking.

Each area of the rooms is delimited and accentuated by light effects.

If the ground floor was gone on a modern interior design, for mansard we chosen a classic interior design with the exception of a few furnishing inserts.