arhitect bucuresti

Single family house project in Chiajna, Jud. Ilfov:

We called Arhidesign services while the house was being built (brickwork had reached at the second floor) and I found that volumetric and aesthetic of house “gives with comma”.

Promptly, the day after telephone contact, Mr. Farcaş came to site to see the situation and discuss in detail the initial design of the house. Besides irregularity discovered on site, he gave us some guidelines to follow until it will present his proposal.

The proposal came in a few days, we being excited about the proposed solution (reorganization facades, materials and colors chosen).

Then, we decided to continue the project together with interior design, landscaping and tracking project site to ensure that the concepts presented by Arhidesign will turn into reality.

We was impressed by Mr. Farcaş involvement in this project, he offering to break and restore the wall structure (which he did) between the living room and kitchen to integrate the aquarium, so that the design of the living room / kitchen does not remain just an ideology, the skills of that builder being doubtful.

Now the house is a reference one of the area and also of the builder.

We are very satisfied with the provided services!

Fam. Dordea

proiect de casa mica

House project in Bucharest :

I got from Arhidesign what I wanted: a simple, but refined and elegant house.

I recommend for their seriousness, commitment and skills.

Maria Marin

dormitor matrimonial

Office space into apartment transformation :

From three variants of spatial planning, Arhidesign’s concept was to our liking, both functionally and aesthetically.

Pleased by our collaboration and we recommend them !

Fam. Vlase

constructor serios bucuresti ilfov

Detached house in Tunari- Ilfov execution :

Collaboration between Arhidesign, us, architect and project supervisor was very good, which determined that all the work goes smoothly.

The demolition of the old constructions from the site and house execution with finishing was rather quick, the team being serious and experienced.

We built the house without the headaches, for site organization, estimating of necessary materials / construction works, request offers for materials and acquisitions, dealing Mr.Farcaş.

We recommend for transparency, seriousness, fairness of the entire team involved in building construction and the correct prices of workmanship.

Fam. Avram

casa construita fara dureri de cap

Detached houses and workshops execution in Voluntari – Ilfov :

Construction of the house and workshops was made in 2006 and until now (2015) no construction has any hidden defect, which concludes flawless of the workmanship.

All the construction works were made without any problems, cooperation between us being a good one.

We recommend them for tactical skill of workers and also for good workmanship prices.

Fam. Postolache